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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.elsewhere-band.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Waiting Alone For a Spotlight



Elsewhere, a "progressive-punk" trio from Boston, combines the energy and raw angst of punk with the ambition and creativity of progressive rock. Above all, the goal of the band is to write songs that defy a trend or scene. Mixing sonic atmospheres with meaningful lyrics, Elsewhere has created a sound that achieves this objective. Elsewhere is now ready to inject another powerful dose of their style into the modern rock community with their new EP, Perception.

The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Mike Aroian, drummer Craig Morrison and bassist Marc Ubaldino-a trio of atypical punks with corporate day jobs who bring the duality of their existence to the stage with their high-energy live performances. This contradiction between image and sound pulls the listener into a state of emotional release through thought-provoking music. The truly progressive part of Elsewhere's music is that it also has a pop sensibility that people can appreciate and relate to on an entirely different level. Influenced by a wide array of bands such as Rush, the Police, Duran Duran, and the Sex Pistols, elsewhere has developed a smooth, electric and groove-oriented sound that will transcend the wavering music trends of the day.

The new CD, Perception, is a much-anticipated follow-up to the well-received debut album, Outbound, that was released in 1997. The new single Waiting alone for a spotlight and the raunchy yet radio-friendly second track Marginal are more of over the top power-pop songs, while other tracks like Faces and Places and Connection demonstrate a nod to that progressive aesthetic Elsewhere continues to pursue.

Through airplay on local music radio shows, cable television (MTV), and performances throughout the Northeast, Elsewhere is continuing to attract interest from club audiences, magazines and record labels. The release of Perception continues the artistic achievements of the band, and will assure the growth of their popularity.