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Genre: Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.jessieraemusic.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Entangled (clip)


Imagine walking into a dark and shadowy bar. In the corner there is a smoldering couple about to tear each other’s clothes off, a girl in strappy heels and a half-finished martini blinking back her tears, a hunky bartender with smoky eyes and in the middle of the room one sexy young thing, groovin’ for all she is worth. This is what a Jessie Rae concert feels like.

Influenced by such diverse artists as Melissa Etheridge, The Indigo Girls and the Counting Crows, her contemporary folk-rock will shoot an arrow straight to your heart. “I sing to communicate with people,” she says, “I want people to know that they are never alone.” Her songs might leave you crying for your latest heartache, outraged at politics, or maybe feeling completely naked, draped in a black satin sheet, in a room full of candles. Be careful whoyou bring as your date!

Born and raised in upstate New York, just outside of Albany, Jessie Rae has always had a connection to music. She started singing right around the time she started talking.

Jessie Rae creates a blend of rock, folk, and pop that is appealing to every generation.