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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.2fsmusic.com

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2FS is a Boston-based pop rock band with a clean tight sound that has roots in rock, jazz, folk and pop. The band prefers not to be compared to other artists but draws the occasional comparison to Live, the band Ed Kowalczyk formed and fronted in the mid and late 1990s. 2FS thoughtful pop songs and dynamic arrangements create a live show that grips audiences and results in a cant-turn-away listener experience. Their unparalleled mix of acoustic rock and pop continues to compile accolades from fans and critics alike. Formed in 2005, 2FS features native Bostonians: guitarist/singer/songwriter: Dan Macmillan, Bassist: Jimmy Wagner, Lead Guitarist: Jimmy Pennett and the stylistic percussion of Rick Bostick. Macmillans dynamic stage show and powerful vocals have received some of the best press a performer could get during his 5-year stint as the front man of Apartment Three". The rhythm section of Wagner and Bostick is rock solid and creative, Pennetts guitar playing adds a virtuoso element that complements the bands vision of an updated, throwback pop sound