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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.wearecassette.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Premature Baby



Cassette is a pop band with a knack for melody and drama.

Boston's DIY multi-media emperor and synthesizer-player Michael Potvin
and bizarro-world MOR crooner Nathanael Bluhm began writing and
performing together in 2004. The duo became a full band in 2006 with
the addition of Tucker Dawson on drums, Patrick Dole on bass, and Joe
Wawzryn on synthesizers.

The Boston Globe called several songs from their first independent
release, the 2005 ep, Broadway Showstoppers, "would-be anthems"
delivered in a "dreamy, Scott Walker-croon."

The Boston Phoenix called a second, unofficially-released CD-R from
2005, "sooooo good: sad-baritone emoting on some Stephen
Merritt/Calvin Johnson gay-cowboy shit plus dry, ersatz-audio
synthpunk accompaniment"

Cassette has played their subversive pop music for audiences in 11
states plus the District of Columbia. Boston's Weekly Dig has
proclaimed, "If you love electro-pop and haven't seen Cassette, well,
then you don't really love electro-pop."