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Genre: Experimental, Folk

Website: http://www.localear.ws

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In his eleventh year of performing, Dangerous Doug Harper continues to excite audiences with own dangerously entertaining style of music. From serious songs, to some funny songs, and lots of just all around enjoyable music equipped with great lyrics, melodies, riffs, and hooks. In the summer of 1994, he started playing clubs and private events in the southwest Missouri area learning the ropes of being a musician. In 1997, he earned an award for his guitar soloing ability from the Missouri Jazz Educators, at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri, and later that year recorded with the Num Nutz band, co-writing most of the songs for the album too. While Doug had music on his mind, it was no surprise when he took a day job as an afternoon drive time radio disk jockey to help further his musical endeavours financially, and so he could keep his girlfriend. In the summer of 98 Doug put his band on hold to pursue other musical projects, and as they like tosay, go solo. Shortly after he began the Local Ear web page, and Doug worked with a variety of musicians, and projects to round off his musical education. In August of 1999 Doug was a very proficient professional level musician, on not only the guitar, but now playing drums, and bass as well. He joined up with a few young rockers, to start a new band called One Lung. The band made full circle for Doug, he had been to the moon and back, the band was only a project to get everyone going before the close of the session, college. As a non-traditional student, Doug somehow found time to play coffeehouses, and a weekly gig at Schlotskys Deli in Springfield, Missouri. During this time he wrote the bulk of his song base, due to all of the life changing events he was going through, there was just a lot of song in his life at that time. Doug was baptized at the Nu Brew Church on February 18, 2001, making yet another change in his life, and change in his music. Music was a mainstay in his life although ministry was a new priority, he kept moving on with his solo music journey, and taking care of some worship duties at his church as well. Doug grabbed hold of something spiritual, and this helped him write new songs, what some would call divinely inspired. Now Doug spends most of his time promoting, recording, and touring solo and with the Marci Mitchell Band, living life to its fullest. Doug has performed in seventeen states, and over sixty cities, and towns, with over nine hundred live performances, including: clubs, arenas, TV shows, and radio.