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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.kinetictheory.net

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Rising from the ashes of such local area bands as Perfectly Normal, Medina Sod, Inner Voice, Stonehaven, Jellyfish Bagel, Fallout, For The Nonce, Beyond All Reason, Frail and Missing 9N, Kinetic theory first started to form in 2003. At that time, Inner Voice fired their lead singer and went on the hunt for their ultimate Front Man. That search ended when they found Shaun Flanagan. Shaun and Marty each recognized that the other had the drive, determination and talent needed to make their dreams a reality. They forged a friendship that grew strong and close as they persevered through a revolving door of other band mates until they landed prodigy Chad Niles on guitar. He came highly recommended by a close friend of Martys, and from the first night they met him and heard him play, they knew they had found their man. Next was tracking down that thundering bass they needed to round out the lineup, and the hunt was on. Rob Stansfield signed on and formed the rock solid foundation they needed. With the line-up in place, they started writing the kick ass music you hear today- recording a 5 song demo- and quickly hitting the gigging scene with force. Unfortunately, Rob was not able to stick with the band, and when he left, Chads good friend Adam Bernard was available and gladly signed on board. The gigging continued at a break-neck pace, with Adams first gig a 'trial by fire'- not even two weeks after joining the band- at TT the Bears place in Cambridge, MA. They continued to write, with a style reminiscent of such Super Groups as: Foo Fighters, STP, Incubus, Chevelle and Pearl Jam. The music they create is highlighted by Chads highly technical, rapid fire power rhythm style, complemented by Adams thundering, melodic bass lines and Martys syncopated, intricately simple beats; overlaid by Shauns often soaring, sometimes scatto, haunting, exceptionally hooky, addictive vocals that refuse to leave your brain. The end result is something few bands have achieved: Music with honesty you can hear, and passion you can feel that draws you in and doesn't let you go. Chads hook-laden riffs imprint themselves in your mind, while Adam and Marty's funky, syncopated rhythms and beats get your butt up out of the chair. Shaun's dramatic, oft angry and expressive lyrical treatments are borne of true life experiences that contain deep personal meanings that are both similar and unique to each listener, and evoke stong emotions of tragedy, heartbreak, triumph and the full range of human feeling to which anyone can relate. Click on the tunes in the player above to receive your daily heavy dose of Kinetic Theory, and be SURE to check the shows links and come check out a show because catching KT in a live performance is something akin to a religious experience- it does a body good!!