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Genre: Alternative Rock, Celtic/Irish, Solo

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Lost in Dreams


Sometimes we pick up an instrument to play and other times its to just live and be alive.
Making something out of nothing is how to best describe Asa; magical could be another. With distinction and clarity in his voice and simple yet full toned guitar work the resulting product is easy to enjoy. But don’t think of it as easy listening. Dealing with such diverse topics as dependency, abuse, addiction, survival, faith, and the quest to answer that ultimate question of why? He places it all at the feet of fans straightforward pulling no punches in the first person.
I have always been writing music and singing. Learning to play the Banjo first followed by just playing the piano and singing. It wasn’t long until he found the guitar and the melding between voice and playing began. The early works though wonderful were simplistic and to the point, what you see is what you get. A no frills style and approach to music, where what was on his mind came out in his voice in almost bardic tradition.
Ever the student Asa has continued to learn and grow with his styles. Learning to play with a band in an early project yielded some surprising successes and gave a blues-rock chop to the sound. However with the dissolution of that band Asa was left as he began, one voice one guitar. This time more mature and with a better understanding of music, and a greatly improved voice his confidence rose.
With a few twists of faiths that allowed him to perform as an opening act for PIXY 103’s artist of the month Obstokl, he opened to compliments and praise. Such that he was invited back for two more shows. However trying to make a name in a rock band scene without a band is a difficult task, but waiting for a band to compose was not possible either. Composition of melodies comes naturally and daily to him. With each day bringing new ideas new approaches Asa’s catalogue of original songs grows continually.
Each piece bearing a bit more of himself, each song sharing a little bit more of life, and offering up what he has; one voice, one guitar. The fans respect him greatly for that bravery.
I started playing guitar to have fun and it became more then that, I started singing and it all became a life of its own.