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Genre: Funk, Jazz, Rock

Website: http://www.3rdleft.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Monday's Cherry

Lovely Lady


3rd Left is a very hard band to describe. It's a sort of Jazzy, Reggae/Funk, with Rock overtones and melodic harmonies. You can call them a jamband if you want, but that's letting yourself off easy. Every song is different from the next. You'll have and epic 7 minute song in your face and then you'll get hit with a 3 minute beauty. It's like being at a
concert and Al Green opened for Rage Against the Machine! Sounds
ridiculous but they make it work. Zak Fey holds down the drums with an
intensity you must witness to understand. Bryan Pierce and Brian Hitchings hold down the grooves and
the melody with an intent to please the ear. The vocals are what make the songs into something special. The harmonies that Zak and Hitch put
together get a crowd singing along to every word. It's the melodies and
hooks that set this band apart from the rest. The jamming is incredible,
and they are all amazing as individual players, but its the blend of music they put together that makes them special. Crowds of fans, friends, and family come to shows and get what they want, and more every time. Recently they've
been jamming with jazz trumpet extraordinaire, John Souza, who has quickly become one of the show stoppers during the jams.