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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/theradioknights

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Go on, go up, go anywhere. This phrase, found within The Radio Knights power-pop anthem Joanne, truly defines the band that penned it. It stands for being open minded, adventurous and forward thinking... just like this ambitious six piece rock group out of Bostons Back Bay.

The Radio Knights, featuring Brian Allison on bass, Nicholai Baxter on lead guitar, Dahan on vocals and piano, Dave Gonzalez on keyboards, Drew Krassowski on rhythm guitar and Greg Settino on drums, officially came to be in the fall of 2005. Since then, they have performed and entertained at many venues in and around their home city. Their foundation is built upon the songwriting abilities of Dahan and Nicholai, but the tower that stands upon it are the interpretations and tangents that the combined forces of all members take upon the material. Whether it is Greg closing a gap with one of his trademark drum fills or one of Brian's cascading bass lines, there is always something more than the expected in each song that The Radio Knights bring to the table. Live, you can almost see the boundaries of pop music being pushed and the labels of what is rock and what is pop fusing together.

However, underneath the catchy hooks and artillery of rhythm that The Radio Knights have to offer is an underlying message of hope and desire, forging passionate musics path back into the mainstream. The potent lyrics found within each piano-driven track translate into powerful messages that can easily be related to. Each song takes the listener on a trip through the gamut of human emotions, be it the heartache found in a lost love, or the hope and excitement found in starting something new. The Radio Knights' music is as much about heartbeats as it is about drumbeats, as much about people coming together as the music coming together. This mentality is what drives them to write and perform, as well as make them a band surging forward on the Bay States' rock scene.

The words go on, go up, go anywhere also symbolize The Radio Knights' passion for getting their message out into the open. To go on: to move forward in the eclectic twenty-first century musical landscape. To go up: to follow your dreams, wherever they will lead. And to go anywhere: to reach out and bring everyone together under the banner of rock music. They are The Radio Knights, and they're sending their signal out.