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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/kurst


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Located in the darkest recesses of the Everett truck smoke lot and hailing from across the hub area and faraway states comes a local band of prophets. Armed with axe, stick, and amplifier KURST brave the toxic fumes for the betterment of tomorrow's world of music. Each member haunted by his own broken memories and KURST to repeat them for eternity, KURST handily crafts its dark melodic rock to begift to the NE scene. From the crushing weight of "Hyde," the smooth lick of "Hollow" and the frenzied pace of a substance known only as "Durban's Poison," KURST are ready to kick the ass of any and all musicgoers who cross their paths.

With a focus on catchy hooks, smart songwriting, and an uncompromising attitude toward the art, KURST thumps out beat after beat from their enclosed space. Witness to the classic techniques and the rise and fall of nu-metal, KURST recalls many styles of rock music, from Metallica to Alice in Chains to Tool and MuDvAyNe. With chunking riffs, wailing solos, thundering rhythm, and fucking up all the formulas, KURST can neither be predicted nor put in any place.

Our spiritual forefather is the great Tut-ankh-amun. Through Him, KURST worships only the SKARAB beetle, which feeds on human and animal excrement. The skarab beetle protects us all after we fall from this earth, and pass through the nine lands of the underworld. When one hears the click click of the beetle and all sight fades from view, our unique sounds will lodge deeply the ear and this music too will protect the LOST from those forces who wish to destroy them.

Vinny, Nick, Greg, and Josh of KURST, welcome you to our world of sound and ideas. May you find out one day, that you too are KURST. You are ONE OF MANY. We are KURST, ONE OF MANY.