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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ma/massvoices/

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Do You Love Me

Who Am I


Founded in 1983, this dedicated hard rock band from the Boston area has had numerous accomplishments. Most notably, they have sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

In 1985, the band was signed to RCA and released their first major label debut, New Birth, produced by Tony Platt. The 45 single, "Do You Love Me" was number one for about six weeks at one of the local radio stations. The video for that single was also in rotation on MTV and hit Billboard's charts.

Mass has continued to write and record powerfully impressive songs which have appeared on local compilation CDs as well as received national air play. They released their new CD, Mass Best Ones in Spring of 2000 on fore reel Records. They continue to have a strong following all over the United States and around the world. Mass style continues to be driving hard rock with an edge and rocking melodies