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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Rock

Website: http://redlotusband.com


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"Radical creativity and purity amid adverse surroundings" is how RED LOTUS describes itself. An eclectic mélange of guitar-crunching riffs from JEAN-MARX SANTEL, ambient heart stopping grooves courtesy of AALICS BRONSON, head-banging beats by GAVIN GLENN that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and lyrical liquid and melodious primal screams of songstress ROZZ NASH is how they achieve their unique and fresh sound. With the release of their debut CD, DE PICHE NADA, RED LOTUS is ready to show their stuff to the world. Their hit single Superwoman has already been featured on Viacom Networks The N for Degrassi High, one of todays hottest tv shows. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All New York City music industry veterans, AALICS, JEAN-MARX, GAVIN and ROZZ have performed with dozens of bands before coming together in late 2004, each one bringing his or her own uniqueness to the mix. ROZZs soulful rock background can be heard in the sultry lyrics and emotive melodies she balances against the Zeppelin-inspired Haitian power of JEAN-MARX's guitar and the Southern rock flavor AALICS brings from back home in Kentucky. Add GAVIN's Southern-Cali metal beats - totally unlike anything youve ever felt and you have RED LOTUS. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Black rock musicians from different parts of the globe, the quartet came together to demonstrate what real music is aboutthe Love! Their songs are raw, brand new, and on the cutting edge with a tip of the hat in tribute to the rock and roll heroes who came before. RED LOTUS is what MTV really needs rock music for the hip, discriminating music connoisseur! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The band will blow you away right out the gate as no other band looks or sounds anything like them. In the tradition of Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour and Lenny Kravitz, jaws drop when RED LOTUS - - a new era of Black rock-- gets started onstage, and they artfully win over their audience with a hard-edged super-energetic show. In their own words, "80's-retro-disco-Pop StarSh*t this ain't." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what is it? The band calls it Sexy heavy rock. With influences ranging from Duran Duran and No Doubt to Quicksand, Incubus and Seal, it's no wonder you can't pinpoint RED LOTUS' awesome, eclectic sound. Fans have been raving about the fresh and arena-worthy music this band creates in concert and on record. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There's honestly no one out there like RED LOTUS. Say the name a few more times to yourself... because if they have their way, you'll be seeing it on billboards and marquees everywhere very soon. If youre not fortunate enough to catch RED LOTUS live, you can always pick up DE PICHE NADA at www.redlotusband.com, www.cdbaby.redlotus, www.amazon.com, www.borders.com, and on Itunes.