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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore

Website: http://www.ioniamusic.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Gasoline Rainbow

Perfect View


It began in a small town in Alaska with Blaise Beyhan. Born into an alternative community, Blaise grew up in a non-conventional setting with 7 siblings and a Mother and Stepfather who home schooled him. There was no traditional educational structure, recalls Blaise, but he did realize that he had a love for music. Blaise was eager to meet some musicians that were serious about what they did.

Enter Donato. The two met through a mutual friend that Donato frequently gigged with and began to hang out and jam together. Blaise and Donato decided to put an add out in the paper and after meeting with about 50 guitarists they finally met their match.

Enter Craig. Born in Brooklyn with a passion for the guitar, Craig was just what they were looking for. We created a triangle that now needed a 4th element, and we knew that was going to be difficult, says Blaise. After months of trying to find someone, Blaise put a posting on the internet. Immediately after I posted the ad, my phone rang, remembers Blaise.

Enter Freddie. The circle complete, music began.