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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica, Experimental, Punk

Website: http://www.myspace.com/the8mmfuzz

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
appetite for empathy

hello taxi goodbye sleep


It was hot. These suns beating down on my forehead. In a sort of double high noon, both directly above: staring down at me in blanket breaths of furious heat. Beads of sweat slip hairline to nose-tip, my heart pumping hard in synchronization with the agony of movement. I have to stop. I have to drink something and replenish and not give up. I sit, close my salt-sting eyes and imagine Alpha60: life as a series of climate controlled chambers. It feels like the water has evaporated even before it hits my tongue. Melting tired under these suns, I can honestly say I wish I were home--that I didn't have to run. I can honestly admit that none of this was worth it. <br /><br />

In the distance blur my eyes make out something hope, maybe a settlement or a rebirth. Maybe it will be a new story to update and renovate before sleep. Maybe I have finally found something, or maybe it is them waiting for me. If it's them I'm dead. Wherever or whatever it is, maybe there's water.
<br /><br />
This is how I realize my eyes are still closed, stinging, and I am still hot. That there is nothing but horizon and horizon is naked and baking. Horizon is waiting for me to slip under it's fire eyes and into some new niche we call future. I stand and I'm walking again. Every few minutes I have to remind myself to stay positive: I pinch at my hand to make sure I haven't already collapsed under the weight of these suns; just to be totally certain that this really is me walking. Stay positive. Time slows and I am beat for beat in sonic lock with absolute emptiness.
<br /><br />
I only remember white warmth everywhere, until I woke up here.
<br /><br />
"I am here right?"
<br /><br />
That voice, so familiar, "Yes, and you are safe."