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Genre: Electronica, Experimental

Website: http://www.earphone.org

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Marc McNulty, has been creating and performing experimental electronic music and sound art since 1988. In the beginning it was shortwave radios and chunks of old military electronics that made various beeps or clunks. His work has not changed too much, but the collection of tools and instruments has grown to include self-designed and programmed software instruments and various analogue and digital sound sources. Being inspired by the mid 20th century ideas of Musique Concrete, and more accurately the works of Pierre Henry and Luc Ferrari, Marc works primarily with found sounds and includes synthetic elements that reflect the environment we live in. Somewhere in his work is a constant battle being raged against organic and synthetic sounds. This is not to say the sounds are always extreme, yet the tension and jittery nature of them gives one the impression that there are rhythms where there are none. Marc McNulty has toured Europe and North America opening for artists from the German Ratser-Noton label and building several sound installations for galleries in New York, Toronto, Reykjavik, Prague, and Helsinki. He recently moved to the Boston area
where he has just completed his studio. There are many examples of his works available in mp3 format @ http://www.earphone.org