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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.zendogz.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Formed in 1997,ZenDogZ takes the best of alternative-rock,folk,country,pop,etc.,blending these genres into a fresh sound -including original compositions -this ain't your same-old-lame- old sound.Listen,dance,mellow out;these DogZ bark out vibrant,unique toonage.Covered artists include The Stones,The Jayhawks,Neil Young,REM,Radiohead,john Hyatt,etc.The ZenDogz hail from So. Portland,and include:Arne Schussler-lead vocals/accoustic guitar/writer;Mark Schussler-lead guitar/backup vocals;Tom Shoupe-drums/percussion;and Scott Gillespie-bass guitar.The 'DogZ have played the Old Port Festival,The Big Easy,The [late/great] Krazy Klam,the Gorham Festival,as well as many private parties,etc.,and are currently having their songs reviewed by WCLZ for both airplay and inclusion in the next "Greetings From Area Code 207 compilation CD.Listen to them at www.zendogz.com/songs.htm