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Genre: Comedy, Electronica, Experimental, Funk, Rap, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.varietae.com


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Varietae, Boston's serial variety show started one year ago as the MUSK (Disco-Electro Dance Party) variety show has erupted into a fully realized musical stage show. Operating out of JP's Midway Cafe, VARIETAE indulges in a volatile mixture of lowbrow buffoonery and comic/tragic social commentary.

The show follows the time-trapsing adventures of host Vice V'Ersatile on his hedonistic search for good times while uncovering the galaxy's hidden talent. Through re-interpretive and original song, skits, characters and dance, Vice haphazardly traverses time and space, from Columbus to the Crucifixion. The variety show format serves as a skeleton on which to hang a narrative--and provides a good excuse for splashy production numbers.

"Jesus Vice Super Star"
Varietae's Spring biblical epic dubbed "Jesus/Vice Superstar" found the party-tardy Vice V'Ersatile crashing the crucifixion of Christ. This post-passion play featured the talents of Mary Dragdelene and an ethnically morphing Jesuses. VARIETAE/INFERNO picks up the narrative as Vice finds himself taking Dante's journey, encountering dancing hellions, singing sirens, and one sassy She-wolf.

Varietae is the fusion of several elements of performance, forming one low-budget theatrical spectacle. A live band co-exsits with a DJ, live drums and electronic beats. Original songs and rap are mixed in with contemporary classics drawn from the pop songbook of the last 30 years. Not at all revivalist, Varietae owes much of it's performance style to a vaudevillian spirit spiced up by a burlesque sexiness distilled down through TV and movies, often masking some biting societal critique. Guided by a "Let's put on a show" ethic, Varietae has developed from the limitations of playing a small bar on the outskirts of JP.

Varietae visits
Haloween Tranny Wreck
Everything, from sets to characterizations, must be kept minimalist, but must still keep the attention of a rowdy audience (who may have had a few). Varietae has also expanded into recorded media (an album and a film). Work continues on the stage show and the ever-intriguing adventures of Vice V'Ersatile.