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Genre: Blues/R&B, Funk, Rock

Website: http://www.ivyhillmusic.net

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Fake Love Song


Formed in the winter of 2006 by University of Massachusetts Lowell music students, Ivy Hill is a tasty blend of rock, funk, jazz, and R&B combined to groove your body, move your soul, and blow your mind.

Since the band’s first show at the annual UMass Lowell battle of the bands in April, Ivy Hill has met with nothing but praise. At the competition, they were awarded second place, surpassing 24 other bands from around the region and impressing students and judges with their tight performance and amusing stage antics. Now a campus favorite, Ivy Hill is full of momentum, ready to bring their tight sound and energetic live show to the rest of the nation.

Fronting the band is the super sassy Lori Kirk, rousing audiences with her smooth, dynamic, and powerful vocals coupled with her irresistibly saucy stage presence. Mike LaCourse mans the guitar, serving up the tasty licks, zesty rhythms, and sweet solos. Wailing on the Wurlitzer, Kevin Wallack keeps the smooth grooves flowing, bouncing behind the keyboard, then busting out the saxophone for some tangy horn parts. The legendary Tung Pham supplies the juicy trumpet solos, keeping heads bobbing with his creative improvisations. On the funkalicious bass is Brendan Murphy with the babyface charm and clever attire no girl can resist. Completing the six-piece band, Gavin Paddock lays the slick beats and shakin’ rhythms from behind the drum set. Each band member has a different musical flavor and engaging personality that allows fans to have a personalized relationship with the group.

From smooth, seductive ballads to fast and funky dance tunes, the music of Ivy Hill has something for everyone. In addition to their stylish original material, Ivy Hill dusts off old radio hits and twists them into something all their own. Their playful yet refined music invites listeners of all ages to feel good and have fun. With their catchy melodies, danceable grooves, and energetic live performances, Ivy Hill is proving to be one of the most entertaining and promising bands around.