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Genre: Folk, Solo

Website: http://www.laurabullock.com


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Introduced to the world of folk music at a young age, Laura recounts fond childhood memories of being the little tot in footie pajamas up past her bedtime to hear some good old folk music in the basement of Unitarian churches and local coffee shops.

During her college years, Laura spent time perfecting her songwriting and performing around the Boston area. In 2004, Laura decided to pursue her music in earnest and has jumped into the folk world with both feet. Laura is rapidly developing a loyal fan base in Boston and throughout the Northeast

Laura recognizes that the real stuff of life doesn’t necessarily happen in the high peaks or the low valleys, but in that area in between, in the mundane and day-to-day. Her songwriting reflects a longing for redemption and a striving for significance in the very normal moments of daily life. With this in mind, she released her demo, entitled in the everyday. Whether a song is dealing with joys or sorrows, Laura weaves a subtle strand of hope throughout her lyrics. She strives to capture the intricacies of human experience in her songs, like moments captured with a polaroid.

On stage, Laura connects with her audience like two friends over a cup of tea. Her songs combine her sweet and simple voice, beautiful guitar work, and lyrics filled with depth and history.

Laura is looking forward to the release of her debut full-length album, Points North, in September of 2006. Her music can also be found on the 2006 Club Passim Open Mike Compilation CD. She continues to share her music within the folk community, performing throughout the Northeast and beyond.