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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.gliss.tv


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The New Album ~ Love The Virgins
Out September 2006.

The instrument swapping indie rock trio returns with a full-length album inspired by their time on the road with Billy Corgan, BRMC, and more

"Gliss are a multi-talented, innately musical trio with epic, visceral drive." – BBC...

Gliss are putting the finishing touches on their newest full-length album, Love The Virgins, which will be released in the US on September 5, 2006.

The three-piece wrote most of the tracks while on tour in Europe with Billy Corgan, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Editors and more. The fuzzed up riffs and hypnotic vocals that defined the band’s previous releases remain, but Gliss kicks it up a notch in the new songs, moving past the trance-like electronic elements for a more aggressive sound that is more fitting for the arenas they have been playing in.

“The audiences we played for picked our album,” says the female member Victoria Cecilia.

“The fans responded to “Innocent Eyes” immediately,” says David Reiss. “We wrote it just three days before we went out on tour with The Editors and opened every show with it. The response was incredible and everyone kept asking which CD it was on and we were like, ‘we just wrote it!’”

Gliss’ music is simultaneously dark, euphoric, sultry, psychedelic, and spellbinding, with Martin Klingman’s rasping, guttural vocals creating an enchanting vibe. All three members play drums, guitar and bass ~ swapping instruments throughout their set. They form an unstoppable creative team with a collective intensity that is unparalleled.

“Walking out onto a big stage will definitely pull you together immediately. You can’t go out there feeling alone,” said Martin.

Gliss was plucked out of a local residency at one of the hippest clubs in their hometown of Los Angeles to join Corgan on his European tour in May 2005 and didn’t return to the States until March 2006, where they debuted new songs at the SXSW Music Festival. They returned with a fierceness their fans had not yet seen and a bond that was unbreakable.

“After playing all these dates with bands we’ve looked up to, we were a lot more confident going into the studio and going for a bigger sound,” said Martin.
Their first single “Blue Sky” was recorded in LA before they began their quest for world domination and became a “Fresh Meat” winner on BBC1 Zane Lowe’s show. In fact, the European response has been so overwhelmingly positive, Tough Cookie Records will be releasing Love The Virgins overseas due to popular demand. The frenetic pace of life in Hollywood and the dreamers who flock there to make it big are the inspiration for “Kissing the Blvd.” “All You People,” one of two tracks recorded in Victoria’s native Denmark, ends the album with the sensual slow fade that prompted one writer to call Gliss a “ménage a trios.”??“The title Love The Virgins is about loving the innocent life and trying to hold onto that – in the music and everything else. Or you can assume any meaning you want...”