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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.eraforamoment.com


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A female fronted rock band, Era For a Moment is the combined talent of Shelby Carcio (lead vocals), Tim DAgostino (guitar), Greg Donegan (bass), Matt Perry (guitar), and Johnny DeRienzo (drums). The band, which formed in January 2002, has been described as a stronger Evanescence with the grit of Sevendust. A three-song demo was released four months later with producer/engineer John Ellis, who worked on records with some of the top national bands such as Godsmack, Tribe of Judah and American Hi-Fi. Their three song demo got them minimal exposure and allowed them to get their feet wet on the club circuit. For several months they steadily built their fan base by playing as many venues as they could fit into their schedule. As an unplanned turn of events, Tim, who was in the Army at the time, was called for duty and headed to Iraq for over a year. Undeterred from the potential major setback, the band decided they would keep in touch with Tim as best as they could, and hired a fill-in-turned-permanent second guitar player (Matt Perry), and the band kept pushing along. Their loyalty to each other allowed them to wait for Tims return, however long it would take. Their original plans of hitting the studio to record a nine song CD would be on hold temporarily. Era For a Moment kept writing new material, as did Tim on an acoustic guitar with an mp3 recorder he used in the desert, and they traded ideas on which the band could work. Finally, Tim got home safely in the spring of 2004 and the band got back to work harder and more grateful than ever, and released a nine song CD with producer Jim Foster who is known from the national artist Nullset. The release of their new disk Realize created a lot of attention for the band, and in another turn of events the original bass player released himself from the band due to personal reasons. Seeing how Era For a Moment has dealt with hard times before, this was a situation they could handle. They were fortunately able to hire a new bass player, Greg Donegan, who entered the band quickly enough, that the band did not skip a beat and had no interruptions with their scheduling. From the bands new CD, the song The Fire quickly shot up garageband.coms top 10 hard rock music chart for eight weeks, followed by being ..3 for best female vocals All-Time in Hard Rock. Before that reached its peak, garageband.com had another song by Era For a Moment, Calling You, reach the ..5 All-Time spot for female vocals in Hard Rock. Shortly thereafter, in the fall of 2005, XM Satellite Radio added the band to a show called The Radar Report, which airs on XM52, RadioUnsigned to help expose them to as many people possible. XM called the band in December 2005 to announce they had chosen them to open for rock icon Bon Jovi. This was a sold out show at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston. The band landed the show as the result of their submitting the song Calling You into the Have A Nice Gig contest. This gig has exposed the band to a previously unattainable audience size and widened their fan base considerably.