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Genre: Folk, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, World Music

Website: http://www.barakaoyuru.com


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These songs are a cry from the heart of a young tribesman from Southern Sudan who has from a very young age known the loss, dehumanization and brutality of war. He sings of villages burned, children killed, families blasted apart, people "Crying for loving, crying for peace." Yet the overriding message is one of goodness and hope, of love rather than bitterness or despair. Baraka Oyuru somehow retains a purity of mind and heart in the mids of all that would wear him down. Set to the mellow rhythms and harmonies of Afro-Reggae, these songs tell the story of Southern Sudan's unending civil war." Running Away Children, peace in Sudan" and all the songs is one of the best , capturing the central experience of a whole generation of children forever on the run. These are the "lost" children of Sudan, who spent years wandering the deserts of Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya looking for safety and a place to stay. It is hoped that the popular appeal of this music will bring to a wider world the tale of hope, survival, and loneliness that belongs to the people of Southern Sudan