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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica, Experimental, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco

Website: http://Revelatio.org

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
illusion of desire

tree top crew


Welcome to Revelatio: A collection of music and art aimed at promoting
healing through self discovery.
Revelatio's goal is to emotionally move people and encourage them to
Look into their own mind and feelings. Included in this package is
Revelatio's most recent project "Roaming the Wilderness". This is an
audio adventure where 4 insects embark on a journey into the
wilderness. The music is a combination of electronic, pop and dub. We
call it "Poignant Introspective Pop". Through songs of struggle, hope
and contemplation, the insects tell a tale. This is a story where the
listener is in control of the destination. What you experience is
relevant to how far you let yourself go. Relax and chill-out as you
enter the metaphysical conceptual collection of sight and sound. A
detailed and creative website that further explains Revelatio can be
accessed at www.revelatio.org