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Genre: Folk, Jazz, Solo, World Music

Website: http://www.jennanicholls.com


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Jenna was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the age of 6, she began studying the piano and by the age of 8 was performing in front of audiences. Shortly thereafter, she realized her vocal abilities and began singing jazz with musicians such as David Budway, (pianist for Regina Carter) Paul Thompson, (bass, Maynard Furguson, Beam) and George Heid, (drummer, Jimmy Ponder Quartet). In 1999, Jenna began performing solo with her guitar as a singer/songwriter. In that time she has had the privilage to perform with some of folk music's most talented artists, such as Chris Whitley, Shayne Fontayne, and East Mountain South.

Stylistically, Jenna pulls from many influences. Phrasing from the jazz artists of the 30's and 40's, unorthodox guitar chords and melody, early American folk and bluegrass rhythms are all combined into what has now become apart of Jenna's unique style. She has performed in front of a variety of audiences and venues, including a live NPR broadcast from the University of Virginia in 2002 featuring herself along with one of the region's most talented folk artists, Brady Earnhart. In 2003 Jenna was selected as a featured artist for the annual Amnesty International Conference.

During 2005 Jenna has been working a lot of in New York and Boston building her fan base. This year 2006 she is recording her Debut album which she hopes to release this fall.