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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thehalfnelsons.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
You Know It's the Truth

Standing Still


“a knack for clever hooks and an ear for a good vocal melody…” – The Noise (Boston)

“Eclipsing the typical din of modern day rock bands, The Halfnelsons exhibit a command of timing and songwriting inqenuity on Do You Feel Alright?…” – Metronome Magazine

... snotty lyrics and the sound of a band having a good time. I have a feeling The Halfnelsons best move is yet to come.
- Leftoffthedial.com

Brothers Erik and Brett Nelson craft intelligent rock songs exhibiting their vocal and guitar interplay, compelling bass lines, and unrelenting drumming. The sound of The Halfnelsons is equally powerful and subtle, and seemingly connects the dots between The Rolling Stones, Pavement, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Their debut EP, Do You Feel Alright? recorded live in the studio, captures the rough-edged sound that defines the band.

Erik (vocals, guitar) and Brett (guitar) have been playing together for as long as they can (and sometimes longer than they'd like to) remember. As kids, they taught each other to play guitar and drums—with plenty of help from their parents’ record collection. After Erik finally convinced Brett to quit his high school band, they spent that summer writing songs together in a dank cellar. Weeks later they brought those tunes to Moontower Studios, where they played all the instruments themselves and left with their demo CD.

These days, they're still writing and practicing in basements but now have a full band to complete the equation. Blake Stone (bass) and Brian Binkowski (drums) form a rhythm section that dominates the stop-on-a-dime breaks, timely hestitations and spirited backing vocals that truly set the The Halfnelsons apart. You can expect to leave a Halfnelsons show humming a melody and a bass line.

Early press on the EP has been overwhelmingly positive and the band will featured on the cover of the June issue of Metronome Magazine. The band will spend 2006 touring throughout New England and New York. Do You Feel Alright? is currently available at all shows, as well at Newbury Comics and on the band's website.

The Halfnelsons have received airplay on WBCN, WFNX and XM Radio Unsigned.