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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.localnothing.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
take a seat


Local Nothing emerged in the fall of 2000, when Pete Vachon-(Guitar, Vocals,) Steve Crowley-(Guitar,Vocals,) Adam Croteau-(Bass,Vocals,)and André Tranchemontagne-(Drums,) came together to make fun punk rock and roll for their friends to enjoy. Soon after conception, Steve quit the band to pursue other endeavors and Pete, Adam, and André trucked on as a 3-piece making the fun music they had always wanted too. Playing talent-shows, school events, bars they couldn’t get in to, and Am-Vet halls around Maine and New Hampshire, the three played catchy music and honed their talents. In the Fall of 2002 Local Nothing realized they were missing something in their band. A friend advised them to add an additional guitarist. Mike Roy debuted as Local Nothing’s second guitar player on Halloween of that year. With the addition of Mike, Local Nothing continued to play shows around the area and improve their sound. That winter Local Nothing began to record their first album, “Do you think we’ll move past This?” as a four-piece. The CD was packed with 9 sincere songs that were emotionally and energetically charged. The CD was enjoy by many and ended up ranking in the top 10 best albums in the Portland Phoenix weekly poll. The disc even earned Local Nothing a nomination for Best Radio Rock Act. Currently Local Nothing is continuing to play shows and eagerly awaiting the release of the second CD.

“The Last Chance to Make Things Right.” “...as far as commercial success this is the band to watch. Plenty of shirtless boys and peppy choruses” -Face Magazine ’05

“...dipping judiciously into the punk sneer, but holding onto a tangible personality that’s likable” -The Portland Phoenix ‘04