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Genre: Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/badlieutenants


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The Bad Lieutenants are a later incarnation of Connecticut's greatest unknown white trash punk rock band: The Chinks.

First powered up in the mid 90's, the Chinks went down in a ball of substance-induced flames in less than three years. Their impact was on few, but it was lasting. The greatest influence the Chinks had was on members of other bands, due to their ability to deliver memorable 2-minute songs ("Billy Smith", "Got Her to Go", many others) at high-speed with a maximum of musicianship.

By 1998 Steve Theriault, the song-writing force behind the force, found himself serving time and re-habbing cold turkey in one of Connecticut's maximum security facilities.

In 2003 Steve was released and got in touch with Dave Pratt (formerly of Out Cold and Razorwire) who spearheaded an effort to put together a new lineup of the band and make a record. With Pat Leonard (The Freeze, Lemonheads, Moving Targets) at the board, The Bad Lieutenants did 15 songs in two separate 2-day sessions.

Shortly before Thanksgiving 2005, Steve Theriault died, leaving an uncertain future for the Bad Lieutenants.

"Every Time I Come Around", the long-delayed debut from the Bad Lieutenants is available now from Teenage Heart Records. It could be said this was a debut that was a decade in the making, and that cost much more than the studio time. With the death of the band's main songwriter in November 2005 Teenage Heart Records believed that there was more reason, not less, to expedite the release. The rest of the band will resume playing in support of the record in June 2006.

The album is a descent into a world where personal demons are ignored for the amusement of crude jokes and the power of instant gratification. Like Harvey Keitel's character in the movie "Bad Lieutenant", many songs on the album reflect a nihilistic despair, yet carry the seed of redemption.