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Genre: Rock

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Innocent Eyes

Not True


With over 60 years of combined musical talent, Living Large is living proof that patience and hard work pays off. If you had to put Living Large in a specific genre of music it would probably be rock/alternative, however with influences ranging from Heart to Hole and Concrete Blonde to Incubus, they are destined to break some musical stereotypes.

Living Large is Jay Peters, Chris Godfrey, Ron MacDonald and Donna MacDonald.

Peters, the drummer and percussionist, started playing at the tender age of 17. He approaches his drums with a dynamic and exhilarating style that adds class and spirit to the music. Peters is highly influenced by blues style rock and alternative grooves. He has played in several bands, including The Carol Blakeney Band and The Stringers.

Godfrey, lead guitar and vocals, has 26 years of experience behind him. Godfrey's style is a bluesy/rock mix of Joe Satriani, George Lynch and Stevie Ray Vaughan. His style of guitar work brings excitement and vitality to the band. He has played with numerous bands in the Virginia area before Living Large.

Ron MacDonald, bass and vocals, has played in the Portland area for the past 15 years. He has also been a member of The Carol Blakeney Band as well as Decibel and Spitfire. MacDonald's unique style of '70s and '80s funk and alternative groove adds passion and enthusiasm to Living Large.

Donna MacDonald, lead vocals, comes to Living Large with 10 years' experience and a little encouragement from her husband, Ron. MacDonald's powerful voice is, at times reminiscent of a '70s Stevie Nicks, classic like 1980's Heart, and soulful like the '90s Alanis Morrisette. With all this talent backing her up, MacDonald is the final piece of the puzzle.

Living Large plays out at many of the areas local clubs and bars, and they know what it feels like to work hard for their music. Donna MacDonald says, "I like playing and living in Maine but it takes a lot of effort and [hard work] to get into the bar scene. But, once we get there all the bars have rebooked us, so far."

The MacDonalds agree that when it comes to writing new material "Our feelings are what make up the songs." As with any band, music that everyone is happy with is, at times, hard to come by. But, it seems that Living Large has a solution that works for them. "If it doesn't feel right for everyone, we won't do it."

Living Large has proven that diversity in music appeals to all ages. From good old fashion rock n' rock in "Innocent", a '80s punk flair in "Confusion" and a funky '70s feel in "Not True," this band is breaking all the rules.