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Genre: Rock

Website: http://myspace.com/okaythursday


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Having recently survived a nuclear holocaust, Brad, Rebecca, Sarah, and Clint somehow found each other through the piles of debris and cockroaches and decided that making music would be their way of keeping morale up. Thus, Okay Thursday was born out of the ruins of the universe. They also learned that burning things would keep them warm during their practice sessions. They began with a mix of loud nu-metal arrangements and complicated orchestral pieces that rivaled Bach's best composures.

When the human race began to pick up a bit, they took over the world with this unique and unchartered style. Eventually, however, they recognized that little simple ditties were just more fun, and gave up their global domination in exchange for happy-go-lucky pop music.

Rebecca M.,now known as any of the following; Reebles, Reebsicle, Robotica, Reebscabob, or Clyve, holds it DOWN on something resembling a drum kit and throws in her expert glock skills every now and then to wow the masses (which have whittled their way down 1 person.)

Brad S. brings to Okay Thursday an insane knowledge of the bass, cello, violin, gamalan, classical piano, and the ability to create seven different simultaneous sounds with his vocal chords. Unfortunately for the band and their fan, he sticks to the guitar. It's a shame, really. Although, he's been threatened into singing harmonies and the ocassional lead as well.

Sarah K. is tall. She sings a bit, but her height is the main contribution to the band. She also plays an awful tambourine and attemps to shake some goat balls. Don't ask. She'll kick your ass.

Clint R. plays the bass. Yes he does. He once ate an entire sandwich without chewing. Actually, he's never told us this, but for the sake of this bio, we're gonna claim it's true. Clint is ALSO tall, bringing the average height of the band...well, still not quite up to par because of Snuffy...

Snuffy L. hasn't shown up for practices in like, months. We hear he gave up on the band to start a softball team (but apparently he hasn't shown up to their practices either). Snuffy, little dude, if you're reading this, we just fired your ass. Sucka.