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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.littleamusic.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


little a is a minimalistic, emotionally direct four piece that is both raw and refined. "Bleeding thick warm hooks" (NE Performer), little a started as a duet, with David Kirkdorffer on guitar and Bruce Grover on vocals. This incarnation performed opening for acts as diverse as The Concussion Ensemble, The Bentment and Melissa Ferrick.  Local drumming legend Danny Lee (formally of UZI, CXEMA and El Dopa) joined David and Bruce and helped direct the band toward more forceful rock. With the recent addition of Bob Matros (previously in School of Assassins) and his five-string bass the band today sounds bigger and more powerful.


little a is "experimental, raw and melodic all at the same time" (Instant). "little a has the seemingly contradictory ability to build delicate, beautiful things and rock with the brute force of a wrecking ball" (The Noise).


Praised for their "haunting melodies and masterful musicianship" (Amplifier), little a has released four singles, two Eps, three full-length CDs and had songs on three compilations. All releases have enjoyed critical acclaim and strong national radio support. With their new EP "Stars Fade," little a continues to push its creative limits in search of the perfect song. As the Boston Globe wrote: "little a is not an ordinary band."