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Genre: Funk, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.infinitefrequency.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Mr. Big Funk

Fly Away


Infinite Frequency makes its long-anticipated debut with the release of "What If..." on May 2, 2006. Three years in the making, "What If..." features an impressive and original collection composed by front man Ian Franklin. This album portrays songs about many of life's ups and downs, love, friendship, inspirations, losses and gains; the album ultimately calls for social change. "What IF'... takes the listeners on a journey through Ian Franklins life experiences over the past three years. Recorded and mixed on analog tape, "What If...", captures the sonic texture of Infinite Frequencys live performances. Passionate lead vocals, distinct guitar work and a unique groove blending funk, alternative and pop-rock are the hallmark of Infinite Frequencys sound. Infinite Frequency's backbone, Ian Franklin singer/writer, & guitarist, has played in a number of musical projects and bands over the course of the past years. Forming his first band Gollum, a fusion rock-funk and hip-hop group made up a lead MC, a female vocalist, bass, guitar, congas and drums. Gollum found great success becoming one of the better local acts northern California from 1995-1998. Following this 3-year musical stint Ian Franklin quickly grabbed onto another project called Corys Slug and performed in the local music scene with them for 2 years. Following Corys Slug Ian Franklin joined up with a separate power trio band called Wish and released Full in 2002. Full is an ambient tribal-rock record spawned from countless jam sessions in a WWII asbestos bombshell bunker in Santa Rosa, CA. Upon moving from San Francisco to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, Ian Franklin has fine-tuned his skills through extensive study and training along with years of live performing to create his best project yet, Infinite Frequency.