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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica

Website: http://www.formermissamerica.co.uk

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
So Hey So Long

Over The Counter Culture


Imagine James Blunt being beaten to within an inch of his life by Kelly Clarkson wielding a baby seal. Then imagine, after ridding the world of that insufferable winger, her being sent down for life and never being able to release another turgid piece of stodge rock. Imagine getting home at the end of a hard day and hearing this joyous news over dinner. Formermissamerica attempt to draw out those little moments of joy into a musical beverage for all who actually care about music to drink down deep.
“FMA are weaving a tapestry out of mist and fog, a swirling melismatic brew of acoustic guitars, almost-there electronica and a string quartet on loan from the gates of heaven. All life is here, and it’s a place you’ll want to be.” Mojo
“FMA’s mature songwriting makes for a heady, nostalgic, subtle, misfit, geeky-cool melange. It’s a gorgeously blended electro/acoustic malt of cracked up, cinematic, subversive, insidious beauty.”The Big Issue

“With Anthony Carter’s voice recalling the whispered gruffness of Sparklehorse and perfect instinct of when to deploy a heart-melting keyboard line, Norwegian Wouldn’t is the song Granddaddy would write if they were lost in the big city after a debauched night out.’’ManchesterOnline.co.uk

“This is a band for whom the world is reflected through a hall-of-mirrors, allowing them to create a sublime emotional soudscape.’’
BBC Liverpool music online

“Buy this album, buy it now.”Logo Magazine.com

“At a time when Liverpool is making some of the most cutting edge music around, Former Miss America stand proudly in its midst.”
Live Magazine.co.uk

“Liverpudlian duo with a gentle mix of slowly shuffling folk and low slung electro that hangs together like a drifting cloud and sucks you into a long daydream.”
The Observer

“Far removed from their home city’s current penchant for Coral/Zutons scally psychedelia, Former Miss America specialize in neatly barbed indie-electronica of surprising panache.”
“Never was a band more aptly named; there’s a tattered loveliness here that is compelling, classy and somehow frayed round the edges.”The Fly