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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.emergencymusic.com


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They're all here tonight: Indie hipsters, emo kids, mods, rockers, punks and enough cute girls to make Grandpa feel like 21. Mesmerized by the infectious sounds from the stage, the couples in the front gyrate like synchronized swimmers whilst the crowd chants along with the band. With a contagious beat that demands you clap your hands and choruses that you can't help but sing-a-long, Emergency Music knock you off your feet with a clever one-two combo. And judging by the crowd of "punch-drunk" fans, which could only be described as a "movement", anyone who hears these guys is soon going under their spell.

Hailing from Boston Mass, the bands formation came about in a rather unorthodox way. Singer Jesse Duquette had been busy writing and recording songs in his bedroom, making tapes for friends and titling the mixes "Emergency Music". Soon the opportunity to open for a friend’s band at the legendary Middle East arose and Jesse explains that:

I decided I didn't want to play the show solo, but only had
a week to find people to play with AND rehearse. So, I approached Michael
Graney, who had been a friend and co-worker of mine for years. As luck would
have it, we not only shared an eerily similar taste in music, but he was a
drummer as well. He, in turn, enlisted longtime friend/ former band mate John
Beck as bassist. We practiced only once and the show, to everyone's
surprise, was a success. Although I had originally intended it to be a
one-time-only thing, the chemistry was there so we stuck with it. When Beck
decided to abandon the bass in favor of lead guitar (his primary
instrument), I called upon longtime friend/ former band mate Ryan Arnett to
fill in the low-end. This was actually my dad's idea, who had always been a
fan of Ryan's prowess on the bass. And I always listen to my dad!
On the heels of that first show, other offers soon came pouring in. Soon adopted as the house band for local dance nights "The Plan" and "the Pill", their following began to flourish. After releasing a limited edition EP This is a Wilderness recorded by TW Walsh, drummer for Pedro the Lion, Emergency Music began to garner a reputation as "nothing short of excellence" according the Weekly Dig. Soon found sharing the bill with local faves the Cignal, the Good North, Mittens, the information, Brett Rosenberg, Runner & the Thermodynamics, Aaron Perrino (Sheila Divine), they caught the attention of ultra cool Boston indie label, Man With a Gun records. After contributing two tracks to the much acclaimed "Tomorrow Never Happened" compilation, Emergency Music began to receive offers to open for National acts such as the Good Life, the Stratford Four and Beulah.
On the recommendations of TT the Bears booker Randi Millman, indie legend Mary Lou Lord contacted the band to perform at her tribute for the late singer Elliott Smith. Upon seeing their act, Lord asked them to open a few shows for her. Together with her husband Kevin Patey (Raging Teens), Lord had been toying with the idea of starting a management company and soon the lads in Emergency Music were recruited as their first signing. "They've got all the ingredients of what a great pop band should have", says Lord who certainly has a reputation for having some of the best ears in the business.
Kiss The Culprit is the new release from Emergency Music. It debuted as the 2nd most added CD to CMJ Music Charts. Spring 2005 saw the band touring with Mary Lou Lord and showcasing at this years South by South West music festival, sharing bills with Kevin Kinney, the Headphones, High Strung and the Capital Years. Catch Emergency Music on tour this year.