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Genre: Jazz

Website: http://www.nineinchlemur.com/lemurcult/

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Fate of Humanity


The idea of lemur started in the most unlikely of places, the monochromatic, abstract art of Brian Hart. In this medium, Brian attempted to express raw emotion within his work. What resulted was a surrealistic mess of black paint upon bare white canvas. Those who observed his work saw many different images. Where some saw flowers, others saw genitalia. Through out these experimentations it was often remarked that Brian's paintings were much like "ink-blot" tests. Not only did they appear as such, but Brian noticed they functioned in much the same way. Different people would have their own unique opinions as to what they saw, but all recieved clearly the emotion that was placed into each painting. Brian realized that art was appealling to two different portions of the brain. Brian, an avid study of Freudian philospohy, was quick to devise a theory about art relations with the mind. Art must often be interpreted on a higher abstract level of the mind, but spoke to a deep seeded emotional, animalistic side. This duality of mind, especially as it applies to artistic expression, is the basis for lemur... The lemur animal was chosen to represent this duality. Lemurs are closely related to higher primates, but, of course, still function on the behavioral traits that run the entire animal kingdom. So, in great simplicity, they represent both the humanistic and animalistic subsects of the mind.