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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica, Experimental, World Music

Website: http://www.cozymusic.org


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tfo started as the main project of Timothy O'Keefe, a culmination of his work as electronic composer, sampler and keyboard artist, producer, student of work as varied as Depeche Mode, Sasha and Digweed, Brian Eno and the Kings of Convenience. With the intermittent contributions of various instrumentalists, Tim crafted the first tfo album, surface_sounds, largely on his own. It got a positive response and offered many moments of solace and contemplation with its largely down-tempo soundscapes and catchy, lulling melodies. In contrast with this, tfo's largely improvised live sets were becoming ever more intense, at times heavy, dissonant, often danceable. To mix things up and make his two personae less conflicting, Tim brought on board as full members of the band two long-time friends and erstwhile collaborators, guitarist/bassist Ryan Rooney and violist/cellist Matt Everett. In the studio these three have crafted a variety of gems, from downtempo electronica to hip-hop-infusions, ominous Eastern-sounding spy music, and even pure pop and heavy rock. In their live shows, usually augmented by a DJ/turntablist - Sensual Dan or, more recently, Mike Hoska - a unique combination of planning and pure improvisational chemistry makes for a very exciting, unpredictable performance that can serve, in various contexts, as a tone poem on our nation's follies, a virtuosic rave-up, or, most importantly, an occasion for the people to get up and dance.

tfo draws its creative strength from the vastly different proclivities of its members: Ryan Rooney's restlessly inventive guitar shredding and raw energy, Matt Everett's eclectic array of folk idioms, Tim's mastery of arranging and sensitive ear to the whole range of the sonic spectrum. The common ground is a love of melody, and of kicking out the jams in every conceivable way.

A new album is in the works, as well as at least a couple excellent and top-secret collaborations.