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Genre: Latin, Rock

Website: http://www.santamamba.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Mi Reyna



Santa Mamba embodies a new attitude in cross-cultural harmony.

Where many bands who fall under the broad classification of “Latin” consist of musicians with a shared ethnic heritage, our story is different. We all come from different places and grew up in different times. Some of us come from small American towns where there was little access to anything outside of mainstream pop culture. Some of us grew up in American cities with strong ties to Italian and Portuguese traditions. And some of us grew up in other countries - The Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Due to our diverse backgrounds, it is remarkable that we’ve come together at all, and in such an unlikely place as Rhode Island. We have little in common, besides that we were all born with a passion for music and an openness to it in all its varieties of expression. We have worked hard to claim our sound as a band. Since we don't come from a common cultural background, there was no obvious style to build our sound on. Each of us has brought what he’s learned from a life of loving and studying music; collectively, we have had to learn how to listen to sharply contrasting points of view and how to understand something that we once considered foreign. Over time we have forged a sound that we call Latin Roots Rock, taking a firm understanding of various Latin and American musical traditions and giving them new voice in a unique combination of styles and personalities. We pride ourselves on our performance, and always endeavor to create an experience for our audience. We set big goals for ourselves; our chief ambition is to get the whole world dancing.