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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.kristinplater.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Dancing Stars

Wonder Woman


Long before Sheryl Crow, Beth Hart or Fiona Apple hit the musical landscape, singing, guitar-slinging Kristin Plater was providing soulful entertainment to her kindergarten classmates. It was 1982, the year Plater traded in her cheerleading pom poms for music. With years of local theater and talent shows under her belt, she eventually earned a gig as the national anthem singer for the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena.

Tired of singing along to karaoke tapes, Plater picked up the guitar at age 19 and started writing songs that remain in your head for days. In 1999 she was a finalist for the coveted Lilith Fair showcase in Detroit and the first place winner of the Michigan State University Talent Contest. This year, she was a finalist in the Pantene Pro-Voice contest and her debut CD, Dreaming in Pink, is 3 on WMFO Boston's Living in America top 10 list.

Since moving from Detroit to Boston, Plater has been making impressive strides. With a growing fan base she is gaining prominence and earning attention within the music scene. This will come as no surprise once you see her perform. At every rough bar, quiet coffee house and trendy club in between, she treats her audience to a character which is both introspective and phosphorescent. A strong stage presence and commanding voice quickly elevate her above not only the pandemonium of a packed house, but also the deluge of other singer songwriters. She has a deep well of talent and passion to infuse her audience. A deeply soulful voice recalls at times such talents as Nina Simone and gospel great Dorothy Love Coates, while her guitar work and stage presence garner comparisons with the Nields and early Tracy Chapman.

From her debut album, Dreaming in Pink, her song "Disestablishmentarianism" has been added into rotation lists at college radio stations and can be found on the bostonbands.com compilation CD. Look for her second CD, 24, coming in September 2001.