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Genre: Folk, Jazz, Rock

Website: http://www.loriamey.com

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If Norah Jones' voice is suede, then Lori Amey's is silk. Lori’s envelopes her listener with a rich and diverse sound that emits colorful hues of rock, jazz and world music. Her songs are undemanding in a way that even the most emotionally splintered charge sounds exquisite and leaves you at ease. Lori Amey evokes common experiences and emotions, deeming her music approachable and a cavalcade of sincerity and sensibility. Her stage presence is effusive and sprite in the folkful way songs, stories and thoughts are conveyed but with a borderline deviant grin. Lori's song material speaks to an audience that has moments of helplessness and hurt, scoffs at modern day events, and yet looks forward with hope. Most impressive is the way in which she is able to weave a wide assortment of influences, ranging from Radiohead to Diana Krall, into a simple and mystical tapestry of sound, which she has appropriately deemed as “Limitless Acoustic Rock.” Highlights of her high-rising career thus far include: playing in the Detroit Lilith Fair show along side Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Sinead O'Connor and others; opening for multiple national acts such as Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke, Jeffrey Gaines, Over the Rhine, Joe Henry; and being chosen as one of 2 regional Northeast finalists (1 of 10 finalists nationally!) in the "Soul City Cafe" talent search to be the opening act for Jewel's 2003 tour. More recently Lori has received vast amounts of praise from RI Press for her captivating performances and recent release of THIS LITTLE ILLUSION, her 4th CD release and 3rd LP. More recently, Lori was voted Rhode Island's Best Female Vocalist of 2005 via MOTIF Magazine's readers' poll and is once again nominated for two categories (Best Female Vocalist & Singer / Songwriter) in 2006! Check her out yourself and determine whether or not you'd agree!