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Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Website: http://vertigod.com

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Metal? Hardcore? Heavy? Vertigod are all that and more, an intense distillation of the music that has come before them that points toward a dark and malevolent future, indeed. They are technically proficient and explosively aggressive, imaginative in their song structure and embracing of the stone cold riff. You'll be impressed while they tear your face off. All veterans of the New England underground scene, the five musicians of Vertigod are a Maine metal group, hailing from Portland, that played in some of the late-'90s scene's seminal bands. Former Tyrone stalwarts Jeff Staggs (guitar) and Andy Fournier(guitar) teamed up with ex-Rare Form drummer Mark Sayer in June of 2003. After a year of playing with original members, the band added another ex-Rare Form member, Josh MacVane, on bass. The search was on for a singer who could deliver the primally anguished vocals the mathematical riffs need toground them. After a series of near misses they found Five Element Theory's Shawn Adams in February of 2005 and the rehearsals reached a new level of intensity. Shawn was the man for the job. They kicked off their campaign opening for bands like Burnt by the Sun and Unsane (Relapse), Six Feet Under (Metal Blade), Crisis, and former Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna. While that was going on, they dipped into the studio to record with Grammy-nominated engineer Steve Drown, resulting in an eight-song LP featuring the frightfully churning "Volatile," "1000 Pardons," and "Victory in Silence." Titled Victory in Silence it's anappropriate message that this is throwback, no-nonsense, bring your earplugs stuff. Dizzy with excitement?Then pray to your Vertigod! — Simon Peterson