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Genre: Electronica, Rap

Website: http://www.myspace.com/jamhotsaturdays


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DJ 7L has been a fixture on the Boston Hip Hop scene since the early 90's, as 1/2 of the Hip Hop Duo 7L&Esoteric. He has also however played a big part in various club nights around the city. Starting off DJing various College parties and shows at Boston College in '93 along with DJ Mad-Sol Desar, he moved onto The Playhouse(now The Modern on Landsdowne) in '95 playing breakbeats and classic Hip Hop, he then moved on to hold lengthy residencies at The Lava Bar('98-'01), Karma('98-2001), Bill's Bar('2001-03) and the Exchange('98-'03).After a year of extensive touring overseas and the U.S as 7L&Esoteric('03-'04) 7L got back into the DJ game to take on every 2nd and 4th Saturday @ The Enormous Room, where he gets to play from 70's Soul, to 80's Pop, to Hip Hop and Reggae, as well as some House and Disco..rock..."I don't really like sticking with 'one' style of music, anymore" he told Fat Lace Magazine, " I am at the point, where I like a bunch of different sh%t musically, not just rocking Hip Hop, I mean, Hip Hop is at the core of everything I do, but when I think of it, a lot of Hip Hop DJ's I grew up inspired by drew from a bunch of different musical styles as well, I think it's just in the past decade or so, that being a 'Hip Hop' DJ, meant just playing boring radio music all night...and that's something I just can't do....I mean I might be in the modd to play like a Stetsasonic record,or some Jay Z, then to like some Al B Sure or Daddy Yankee. I mean pretty across the board, so I like playing to a crowd that can get with that. And The Enormous Room has been perfect for that.."
-Edited by Terry Funk