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Genre: Experimental, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Bluegrass

Website: http://www.jazzbastards.org

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Ask The Mountain

The Long, Long Fall


Funky, acid-jazz hippie-rock. Call it whatever you like, it doesn't matter. It's "part Zappa, part Grateful Dead, and part Pink Floyd, with each song bringing adventure, promise, and brazen instrumental explorations." (-Bob Gulla).

The goal is to explore and enjoy. The different writing styles of Jazz Bastards members givies their catalogue a sometimes eclectic feel -- often creating outlets for freestyle, "cliffwalk" improvisational jams, both instrumental and vocal. If you're having half as much fun as the band members on stage, then it's a night well spent. With some of their own favorite songs littered throughout each set, Jeff, Josh, Rob, John and Brian hope to make each show an adventure...and if you listen with the right kind of ears, anything is possible.

Nominated six years in a row (2001-2006) for Rhode Island's Best Local Jam Band and once for Best Album (2004) by the FNX/Providence Phoenix readers poll, Jazz Bastards formed in late 1999 and have performed at Lupo's (Providence, RI), The New Wave Cafe (New Bedford, MA), The Met Cafe (Providence, RI), AS220 (Providence, RI), The Ocean Mist (Matunuck, RI), The Living Room (Providence, RI), The Bon Vue (Naragansett, RI), The Riviera Pub (Cranston, RI), The Call (Providence, RI), Tammany Hall (Worcester, MA), CATS (Pawtucket, RI), The Station (W. Warwick, RI), The Sand Trap (E. Greenwich, RI), J.R. Beans (Bristol, RI), Cafe Zog (Providence, RI), The Century Lounge (Providence, RI), The Rocky Point Pub (Warwick, RI), PA's Lounge (Somerville, MA), Patrick's Pub (Providence, RI), The Blackstone (Cumberland, RI), Harry Brown's Farm (Starks, ME), and more -- as well as a live in the studio performance on 90.3 WRIU radio in Kingston, RI. Members of Jazz Bastards have been involved with local music for over 15 years.