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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.kratchet.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Make it Back Again


With 60 years of playing experience combined, the three-piece rock band Kratchet can capture the attention of any audience. The mainstream compositions are filled with pop hooks and a driving beat while still maintaining an original sound. Conor O'Brien has a unique vocal style achieved by 15 years of experience singing with gospel & classical choral groups, in addition to playing in rock bands since the age of 14. Chris O'Neill grew up performing on stage and adds musicality to the group unequaled by most local bassists. Mike McNeil has been touring in bands since the early '80s and defines the sound of this group with his dynamic feel. Mike has a hard-hitting sound but has developed a mature sensibility by spending so many years on the road.

At any Kratchet performance the audience can expect to be engaged from the moment the band hits the stage until the final cadence. Kratchet has an abundance of energy and performs with a ferocious intensity, spilling their enthusiasm onto the crowd without restraint.

Having only formed 9 months ago, this band is quickly building a following in the Boston and New York music scenes. Kratchet is looking to expand this hullabaloo by playing your venue.