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Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/petekilpatrick


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


It seems all eyes are on Kilpatrick and his band whenever they are in the Great State of Maine, with the Portland Press Herald calling him, “The Maine Artist to Watch in 2007.” And now the rest of the country is beginning to peek in on the band’s music with steady internet CD sales and heavy MySpace traffic. ThisIsModern.net praised Kilpatrick as “the best kept secret in indie music.” But with a burgeoning fan base that is growing by the minute in New England and supporters sprouting up across the country and even over seas, it appears that the secret has been leaked rather massively. Even the highly-competitive and critical Boston music scene has been embracing Kilpatrick, as he was nominated for a 2006 Boston Music Award for songwriting and has appeared as part of several sold-out shows in recent months. With his secrecy blown, the Pete Kilpatrick Band – which features keyboardist/saxophonist Steve Morell, Matthew Cosby on bass (formerly of Jeremiah Freed) and Matt Lydon (formerly of Averi) on the drums – there’s only one thing to do: hit that open road!