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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Folk, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.HeatherRoseRocks.com

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What Would Happen If Veruca Salt, Led Zepplin, Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, and The Cars Took A High Speed Trip Cross-Country With the Love-Child of Springsteen And Joan Jett Behind The Wheel?

When the ten year run of Providence, Rhode Island’s award winning touring rock act The StrereoBirds (formerly The MockingBirds) came to an end in 2005, it didn’t stop lead singer Heather Rose! She switched gears and performed as a singer-songwriter.

In no time, Heather was playing high profile gigs such as The Newport Sunset Festival, Coors Light Maxim Model Search, The RI Pride Fest, Bright Night Providence and First Night Boston. She also opened for Zox, and State Radio at the famous Strand (Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel), and played to a SOLD OUT crowd when she opened for Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing.

Heather Rose's melodic, magnetic vocals follow in the tradition of Sheryl Crow, Liz Phair, and Aimee Mann. Her lyrics, according to the Northeast Performer are, "…clever and honest and her delivery is pure energy". Boston's The Noise, where Heather took home Best Female Singer in 2001 states she "…has a stage presence that transcends genre. She can sing sweetly or lustily, scream righteously, and draw the audience in. Her songs are folky, gently twangy, and lovely. (And catchy!)".

Heather Rose continues to play at great singer-songwriter venues such as Stone Soup in Pawtucket, RI and get noticed throughout New England for her unique songwriting style. Heather stands out amongst the thousands of female guitarists who are carbon copies of artists that have already crafted their sound. Heather Rose sounds like Heather Rose and that’s what draws her growing fan base in!

An increasingly successful solo career brought forth yet another chapter in Heather Rose’s rockumentary:

Created to “move the orchestra in my head onto a stage”, HEATHER ROSE AND THE DRAMA are the only area band that combine SIX MUSICAL GENRES (Rock, Pop, Americana, Blues, Funk, & Jazz) to create a new flavor of rock music all their own! Joined by T.J. Morris (bass) and Andy Tarter (drums), HRD provides the vehicle for a all of Heather’s vocal stylings: wailing rock anthems, slower pop ballads, heartfelt twang-filled tales and of course Heather’s trademark break-up tunes that come in all forms!

Heather Rose can be seen rocking up and down the East coast accompanied by The Drama or hitting the stage solo acoustic style, performing her high energy-rock-pop set. Heather's quirky interpretation of rock supplies tongue-in-cheek pop to make you think, feel and move.