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Genre: A Cappella, Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Soul/Gospel

Website: http://www.kmetal.net

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Crossing Into Dreams

Littlebird's Flight


“Kristi Martel loves life, and the joy she gets out of it exudes from
her every pore. She can be singing about the darkest things in the world -- betrayal, self-hate, death -- and yet somehow, coming from
her, it feels hopeful and uplifting.” --Marion Davis, Motif Magazine

“...love emanates from every note.” - Vienna Teng

“…a fine musician…Incomparable!” - Utah Phillips
Featured on NPR and voted Best Alt-Rock Female Vocalist of Rhode
Island in 2006, award-winning songwriter and avant-soul piano diva
Kristi Martel grew up in New England and earned an ASCAP grant and two
music degrees (Bard and Mills College) before beginning her touring
and recording career. Her sweet presence and fearless songwriting
endear audiences nationwide. Her piano playing combines her love of
blues dissonance and syncopation with her classical training. Her
powerful voice is at once sweet and bitter, emotional and visionary,
articulating prayers and quirky autobiographical narratives in the
same breath. Through Sealed Lip Records she has released six CDs.

Ravengirl is Kristi’s goofy joke superhero name for herself, her
recognition of the crazy blessing it is that she felt joy everyday,
amidst the profound grief, after her former life partner’s suicide in
2003. The album is full up with that joy, with the healing and
transformation Kristi has undergone to be singing still so powerfully today. Since its October 2006 release, Ravengirl has already
received a highly recommended from the Providence Journal and
stellar reviews from Motif Magazine and Bay Windows, in addition to making Kristi Martel WERS Boston's Artist of the Week and the subject
of interviews by the Providence Phoenix and Curve Magazine.