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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.centrevol.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Peter June - Vocals, Guitars
Nate Burkhardt - Drums, BGVs
Joe Nash - Bass
Christopher Noel - Synth, Samples, Programming

Self-labeled as purveyors of provoc-rock, Centrevol resolves that the world doesn’t need another band driven by egos and insatiable desires for fame and fortune. Centrevol’s provoc-rock (short for provocative rock) simply put, is music with a conscience and melodies for the masses. Drummer, Nate Burkhardt gives more context for this musical genre: “This is music that moves the body and stirs the soul to action.”

With a passionate vocal delivery by Peter June reminiscent of Bono and Adam Duritz (Counting Crows), coupled with a crafted, driving intensity offered from its rhythm section, Centrevol will keep you on your feet from the first note, and humming the hooks long after the music has ended. Centrevol’s signature sound comes in part from bass grooves provided by Joe Nash and the contributions of “digital scientist” Christopher Noel, providing the musical landscape for each song with “other-worldly” samples, synth pads and loops. With such a musical backdrop, the listener only begins to wonder – what are they saying?

Leaving behind throw-away lyrics of trivial consequence, Centrevol begs you to listen to every phrase as if it were a divine revelation uncovering the gaping holes in modern humanity’s search for success, provoking the question, “Why must this be?!”