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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Funk, Jazz, Punk, Rap, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, Rock, World Music

Website: http://www.ghorardeemexpress.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
schonel schnerb


ghorar deem express was formed in amsterdam by massachusetts natives andrew bergmann & rachel koppelman. the original formation of the band included 10 members, hailing collectively from 5 different countries. the group began playing in punk squathouses around amsterdam, gradually making a name for itself in the arthouse music scene of europe and going on to play such prestigious venues as The Spitz in London.

in fall of 2004, andrew & rachel repatriated to their native boston. from there, they re-released the ghorar deem express' debut album and launched a summer tour of the northeast to support the release. the album garnered much critical praise, and the gde wooed many a new fan with their mind-altering brand of music. highlights of the tour included a sold-out CD release party at the zeitgeist gallery, and a wildly successful Knitting Factory stint.

a second ghorar deem album, which was recorded at the end of the 2005 tour, is due out in summer of 2006. prepare for the insanity, and prepare to see these 8 costume-clad tricksters gracing stages around boston.