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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Punk, Rock, Soul/Gospel

Website: http://www.scissormen.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):

Whiskey and Maryjane


Scissormen are devils or demi-gods, depending who you ask.
To some crusty blues fans, they’re rock ‘n’ rollers muddyin’ up the music’s waters.
But to people who understand that the blues is still a vital style that can be every
bit as hip and creative as what’s on the stages of Warped or Coachella, they’re
saviors. And those are the folks the band’s been playing in front of for the past two
Touring behind their debut CD Jinx Breakers (Hi-N-Dry Recordings) — which was
produced by Morphine’s Billy Conway — they’ve seared a path with their incendiary
live performances from festivals to premiere nightclubs to blues rooms to juke joints
to coffeehouses to punk rock shows from Maine to Mississippi and out to the West
Ted Drozdowski, the Boston-based band’s slide guitarist and leader, understands that Robert Johnson, Jimmy Page and Johnny Ramone share the same spiritual connection. So he turns his guitar into an Ouija board and channels all three in blazing, over-the-top performances which typically find him leaping up on tables and running out in the street, playing slide with everything from martini glasses to old worn-out boots.
"I came up in punk and psychedelic rock bands, but playing the blues the way we play it means everything to me," says Ted. "This is music with teeth and guts and heart,
and it rocks like hell when it’s done right. And we do it right! I caught the fever
from musicians like R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and Jessie Mae Hemphill, who
taught me to put every bit of my heart and soul into this music. So that’s what I do.
"We work hard to give people who hear us live a show they’ll never forget. And we
work hard to keep this music kicking and moving forward, just like Jessie, Junior and
R.L. did, and a handful of the best musicians from the Mississippi hills still do. We
honor the past, but we’re all living in the present. And so is our blues."
Recently Scissormen have been finishing up their full-length debut. Meanwhile, Jinx
Breakers is available from their web site www.scissormen.com, where you’ll also find
free MP3s and learn more about the band, or via www.hi-n-dry.com.
Publicity: K.L. Productions, 615-297-4452 or klpzgr klpzgr@earthlink.net or www.scissormen.com