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Genre: Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.thereceivingendofsirens.com


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Three years ago, Andrew Cook and Brendan Brown were working at Urban Outfitters. Hocking ironic t-shirts and blow-up ottomans at the retail chain was by no means glamorous, but it paid the bills and fortuitously brought them together with fellow co-worker and California transplant Casey Crescenzo. Brown, Cook, and Alex Bars knew each other from their college days at Northeastern University, and soon added long-time friend Nate Patterson to the group. With the addition of Crescenzo, The Receiving End Of Sirens officially came to fruition.
TREOS, as they are affectionately called, cites influences as Thrice, Radiohead, Cave In, and Bjork. The five-piece contains three vocalists in Crescenzo, Bars, and Brown whose separate parts come together to create layers of fluid harmony and infinite texture. TREOS combines imagination with great musicianship, and are, in a sense, a self-contained entity creatively directing and executing everything from their music to their album art and videos.
“When we write music we are writing for an experience,” says Crescenzo. “We want to create an environment of sound that allows you to put on your headphones, close your eyes, and go somewhere else. Every part means something. We aren't speaking just to hear the sound of our own voices; we are creating something that can be lived through. We have no intentions of creating something that only exists on the surface.”
TREOS has built most of their loyal following from touring. With Between The Heart And The Synapse, their 2005 debut on Triple Crown Records, the band quickly caught the ears of prominent booking agents and bands, which paved the way for a solid year of back-to-back tours. The band secured supporting slots for artists such as Senses Fail, Alkaline Trio, Reggie & The Full Effect, and Saves The Day building their fan base city by city. Last summer, TREOS spent a total of four weeks on the Vans Warped Tour playing to swarms of kids chanting memorized lyrics in unison.

“For all of us, music is therapy,” Bars says. “It is a way to express everything that has happened and is happening and gives life a certain sense of reason and logic. Making connections with other people over music is equally as important. Sharing that bond makes live performances that much more enjoyable.”

The burgeoning success of The Receiving End Of Sirens can simply be attributed to an impenetrable work ethic, sincere drive, and a foundation of incredible music. As TREOS looks ahead, they have no plans to slow down in any respect. The band has been confirmed for the upcoming Taste of Chaos Tour and is embarking on their own headlining tour in May 2006. The guys are looking forward to raising the bar with their live show and starting work on their new album. And so it seems there is no sign of ever having to ring up another Jesus bobblehead doll again.