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Genre: Country, Bluegrass

Website: http://www.myspace.com/hillgrassbluebilly


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment ( HBE ) was formed sometime in November / December of 2004. Two Local 30 year old men in Phoenix, Arizona came to the realization that there was a big promoter hole in Phoenix, when it comes to representing Artists, Venues, Bars and in general just good music! HBE strives to set the standards when it comes to bringing you the best concerts money can buy! Our 1st show on April 12th 2005 @ The Rhythm Room here in Phoenix with 10 shows to follow that has put Hillgrass Bluebilly Entertainment in a RECORD BREAKING streak that has grown by the 100's with each new show these 2 locals put together! Please know we are working class promoters, we appreciate you folks who attend our shows on the weeknights, we have found that NONE of you regret it if you make the initiative to come out! Dont be lazy, just come out to the shows, all acts are headlining acts, so its not like you cant skip out a bit early and still show yourself you are still alive! C'mon Phoenix City, have we let you down yet? We will give you DOUBLE your $ back if you dont have a good time...We GUARANTEE you, a good time!!! COME SEE BOB LOG AND POSSESSED BY PAUL JAMES APRIL 11 2006 @ RHYTHM ROOM